Monday, 18 May 2015

Nature's Gifts.....

'When the mind is tranquil and serene, we can appreciate the beauty in everything'

Five months ago I fell in love with Northern Laos, as I travelled through it's picturistic landscapes, I vowed that I would be back sometime soon. I am pleased that I fulfilled my promise to myself as I am more in love with this region of the country than before. It fills me with joy on so many levels- the nature, the people, the culture and the possibilities of the future.

Luang Namtha has been a stunning training ground for my lead up to the multi day stage race in Bhutan. The Rubber tree plantations are an interesting place to run through, as well as being cool, and climbing up the mountains that hug the outskirts of the town means being rewarded by panoramic views each and every time.

Although it is humid and rainy at times here, it's been a delight to head out and explore unknown trails that have led to hidden villages, acquaintances with locals, exploring rubber plantations, temples, rivers and jungles.

Every run has been a real joy and rewarded with the bountiful gifts of the region's natural and cultural wonders.

As for teaching and education programs in this part of the world, it has been difficult to connect with educational projects. It seems that there a few resources and foreign support that many projects that do get initiated don't have the management or finances to follow through with their goals. I do see potential here and hope to be back in the future with some educational proposals I hope to initiate with the help of some very supportive and passionate locals.

So with a week and a half to the race in Bhutan I will continue to enjoy running in nature's bountiful gifts here in Luang Namtha.....

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