Sunday, 7 June 2015

The final stage......

Stage 6.......Drukval Dzong.......14.6km

After months of preparation, training and thought, it was hard to believe that the week had come to an end. So intent on completing each day, you suddenly realise that after this stage there would no longer be a need to complete another stage.
Bitter sweet....double edged was a relief to know we were done and had almost completed our goal but sad to know it would end.

We were all up early to continue our journey but this time we were filled with adrenaline and excitement, we had almost completed our goal.....
Although we were mentally, physically and emotionally tired and overwhelmed we didn't lose focus of the last task at hand.

The start of the race was a welcomed down hill run and soon we were at CP 1 and 10km were done and dusted.

The final climb up to the Tiger's Nest Monastery would be a challenge but we had ensured that we had left enough in the tank to complete the climb at a good pace.

As we headed towards the climb we were greeted by the hums and chants of the monks, drifting from far above and down to our ears. Hiking up to the sounds of these deep tones lifted us and put wings on our backs, it was amazing to be drawn towards the sound of the chanting, lost and mesmerised by the tones, the hardship of the climb soon forgotten. I was in awe of how the sound from so far up could travel so clearly down to where we were. How many pilgrims before us have followed the chants...?

With every switch back the Tiger's Nest Monastery could be glimpsed, delicately perched on the edge of the cliff face and we were excited to see that we were getting closer. We also marveled at the engineering of the place and how materials etc must have been carried up on the back of monks or horses...ingenious!

Still consistent, we ambled up passing tourists until we could spot the finish line before us, then we finally climbed the last kilometer of which were stairs to be greeted at the finish line by the Global Limits team and fellow runners, engulfed in emotion and pride.

Hugs, hand shakes, congratulations and gratitude were shared.

We had made it and what an amazing place it was!!!!  It was even more remarkable to see it up close, gingerly hanging on the cliff face.

We were also there on an auspicious day. The head Lama Monk was also visiting on this very day, a rare sighting but one we were grateful for. How auspicious, to have the High Lama to be present on the day we completed our journey/pilgrimage/run......

No it's not about the destination more about the journey....the journey along the trails....the journey into discovering a new culture......the journey with others....the journey of self....

There is so much in my heart and mind that could be said but it could never really reflect the rawness and authenticity of the experience. Also there are many moments of this journey that will be left in my heart and soul, for me alone to ponder and reflect upon......

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I am leaving Bhutan a changed person, a person who has grown within, pushed the limits and challenged the boundaries.  I am leaving with a deeper knowledge of myself, of others and of Bhutan. The land of happiness has definitely left an impression on me and by example I hope to share this ideal with others as I journey forth.

Of course these amazing events are not possible without the people who make them happen...from Stefan the race director, to Manu and Pavu the course Directors, the Medics, the volunteers, the local helpers, the photographers and everyone in between. A heart felt thanks to you all for making it possible for us all to make our dreams come true..........

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